Stacy Bernal

I see the Badass in YOU and I help you see it, too.
Core expertise:
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  •  Embracing Your Inner Badass

  • Leadership: Find Your Place at the Table


Stacy Bernal is a writer, speaker, & personal development coach at See Stacy Speak LLC. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Weber State University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising. In 2018, she founded Awesome Autistic Ogden, northern Utah’s first autism awareness event.

Stacy feels passionate about working with organizations that want to cultivate the inner badassery of their team members so that they feel empowered to share their voices and ideas, and create lasting change in themselves, their companies, and their communities. From once-a-bartender to now-a-board-member, she feels purposeful about sharing her message of triumph, inspiration, and empowerment.

Stacy has been featured on Thrive Global, Chicago Now, Scary Mommy, Autism Parenting Magazine, and HER Magazine. She’s currently finishing her manuscript, “The Things We Don’t Talk About”. She is an ultra-marathoner, eight-time marathoner and three-time triathlete. She lives happily with her husband and two sons in beautiful Utah.

STACY'S KeyNote:


In this powerful presentation, Stacy takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, challenging them to seek their own inner awesomeness. As a survivor of childhood trauma, Stacy spent over half her life in a spiral of shame and self-fulfilling failures. After running her first marathon in 2009, the trajectory of her entire life changed. Today she inspires, educates and empowers audiences to courageously own their stories and live epically authentic lives.

From once a bartender to now a board member, Stacy believes everyone has a leader within them and she helps them achieve their fullest and greatest potential. Throughout her keynotes, she teaches learnable behaviors that dramatically enhance leadership success. The concepts she shares helps leaders stay focused despite pressure and distractions; opens their minds to alternative viewpoints; energizes people with the right amount of passion; and empowers bravery in crucial conversations.

Stacy shares her wit and wisdom with real-world examples from her own experience, bravely moving into positions of leadership after years of self-doubt and limiting self-beliefs. She believes everyone has an Inner Badass and is passionate about helping them find it.


“Stacy is the "Real Deal" ... she Communicates and Connects with People in an Honest, Inspiring Way that Leaves You a Better Person just by Hearing her! Thank You Beautiful Stacy for All of Your BadA$$-ery! You're Amazing!”

- Michele Wright, Loan Officer, My Mortgage Gal

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“Stacy spoke at our ladies heart-working group tonight and did such an amazing job. Her words are vulnerable, powerful, electric, and raw. She will have you laughing and crying all in a matter of minutes. The way Stacy connects to her audience quickly is a testament to her honesty that everyone can relate to.”

- Jen Simpson, Realtor, Keller Williams


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