Ruchi Madan

Executive/Life Coach, Lawyer, Speaker, Accredited Belbin Facilitator
Core expertise:
  • Effective Leadership

  • Confidence Development

  • Empowering women to stand up for themselves

  • Work Life Harmony


Ruchi is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Lawyer by training.

She helps high-potential professionals build emotional resilience and a positive mindset to get to the next level in their lives professionally and personally.
Her main objective is to help clients move forward and find fulfilment and success in all the roles they play. Guiding individuals through a transition is part of this process, making them feel empowered and accomplished. 

Her coaching style is result-oriented, ensuring clients experience a paradigm shift that allows them to achieve results. She believes in unleashing the human potential, allowing individuals to be the best they can.

Ruchi has worked with leaders in various industries including Financial Services, Legal, Media, technology and Human Resources.She also takes a collaborative approach to bring coaching and personal development to companies via
talks and workshops.
Ruchi was featured in the Asian Money Guide amongst the 50 Power Women of Asia.

RUCHI'S KeyNote:


Empowering Women to stand up for themselves with Confidence

Ruchi empowers professionals who are ambitious, go-getters wanting it all. They proverbially have “everything” already but yet feel like they lack “something”. They feel that life is passing them by too quickly and want to slow down. They feel lost at times juggling the various roles they play leaving no time for themselves.


They are beginning to lose confidence and wonder if they’re doing the right thing –
the classic Imposter Syndrome. Or probably it feels like they’ve hit the glass ceiling at work! They are looking to re-invent themselves as they feel they are losing control over their life. When she works with clients, she helps them feel in control again, helps them define what having It all means for them – as compared to what society has told them – and then helps them achieve it!

Achieving what you are looking for is the most empowering feeling. It makes you happy, validated and in control of your life. It also boosts confidence and allows you to embrace your imperfections and enjoy life with less pressure and stress.

Ruchi believes in making a difference and in awakening possibilities in women’s lives.She believes in unleashing the human potential, allowing women to be the best version of themselves.She is determined to help them live life courageously and passionately.


“I found Ruchi’s insights very valuable. Having a third party to provide insights on career and personal relationships has been tremendously valuable. Ruchi has provided perspectives and ideas that have changed how I look at my career and how I engage with my network of contacts and friends. I have used her advice to enhance how I work and how I develop my personal relationships. I am grateful for her insights, perspective and support.”


- Richard Hartung, Managing Director, Transcarta Pte Ltd.

“Ruchi looks at a problem from all angles, asking the right questions which gets you thinking and helps you realise that you maybe cooking up a story in your head and making excuses. In my case, it was giving myself various reasons why I do not deserve a promotion. We finally realised that the real issue was not about getting that promotion but the guilt of being away from my young children which was making it very difficult for me. The biggest benefit of working with Ruchi was to get rid of that negative feeling I had about myself. As I got rid of my own negativity, I started feeling confident and positive. Once you feel good about yourself, get confident, you start attracting more of the good stuff into your life and that’s exactly what happened! I got a new job offer. A job that completely recognised my talent, knowledge and experience.

Once again, I reached out to Ruchi to discuss my options. It was unbelievable. She gave me a nudge again and showed me how I had gotten very complacent in my earlier job where I worked for 10 years. I needed a challenge in my life and complacency was holding me back. Everyone has blind spots that they cannot see themselves and that’s where Ruchi came in. She looked at my blind spots with a 360- degree approach and helped me with various options on tackling them. She helped me find my solutions which were not black or white but all shades of grey.”

- Aparna Modi, Vice President - Japanese corporate banking (advisory department) MUFG Bank Ltd

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