Professional Organiser and Founder of Get Organised & Beyond
Core expertise:
  • Decluttering

  • Home and workspace organisation

  • Time management


Nathalie’s passion for organising started as a child when she was volunteering her help to her mother and neighbors to sort things out in their homes.  She carried it through her professional life by embracing a career in Supply Chain Management, planning and managing large projects, optimising warehouses’ space, processes and systems, and driving efficiencies. 

Becoming a mother made her realise how crucial organisation and time management were in keeping a family happy.  As more and more of her relatives and friends, inspired by the way she was managing her household, were seeking her help to restore order in their homes, Nathalie decided to put her passion, skills, personal and professional experience together and founded Get Organised & Beyond in 2013. 


She now works with families who feel overwhelmed by all the stuff they have accumulated in their home or by all the activities they are trying to fit into their schedule.  She helps them declutter and establish systems so they can create and maintain a clutter-free, organised and peaceful home and make time for the important things in their life.  Nathalie is also the author of a blog and is regularly published in the media. 



Less Mess Less Stress

We’re drowning in clutter. Many people tend to put the blame on the size of their home. But the reality is that we own too much. We buy excessively and we accumulate unnecessarily. 

Whether we realise it or not, clutter takes a toll on our lives.  Not only it makes us waste time and money, but it also affects our happiness and well-being. 

In her talk, Nathalie shares the transformation that happens in individuals and their families, not only with their physical spaces, but also at a mental and emotional level, when simple yet effective solutions are put in place to get organised or regain control over their schedules. 

Nathalie’s passion and enthusiasm for her topic shine through her talks.  The audience walks away with the motivation to start their organising journey and plenty of pragmatic tips and solutions to achieve a clutter-free and organised life


Nathalie always manages to strike a chord with her audience. She makes it a point to interact and share interesting anecdotes with them. You don’t often see people taking notes at open talks but many of our audience do so at Nathalie’s. We certainly look forward to working with her on our future events!


Carol Lian, Travel & Lifestyle Editor at Full House Communications

Nathalie is a fabulous speaker on this topic. She is persuasive and the audience walks away with practical advice on decluttering their lives.

Lavinia Thanapathy, Board Director and KeyNote Speaker

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