International Keynote Speaker, Consumer & market insights Expert; Behaviour Change Consultant
Core expertise:
  • Using Happiness Theory

  • The Psychology of Decision Making

  • How to Influence Behaviour


Karen is an award-winning speaker and consultant, who’s spent 17 years working in consumer insight, leading teams, running businesses, and developing innovative approaches to understand the psychology of why we behave the way we do - and how to influence it.

Originally from the UK, she’s spent the last 3 years in Singapore developing a business from scratch, and wearing many hats from managing the P&L, sales and relationship building, to running workshops and speaking at conferences.

She specialises in developing innovative approaches to understanding and influencing consumer decision making and behaviour, working with businesses across APAC, Europe and the US, from global MNCs like Unilever, GSK, Ferrero and Friesland Campina to smaller organisations and not-for-profits.

She ran the UK Market Research Society’s Consumer Psychology course for a number of years, has trained and mentored hundreds of  insight practitioners both within her own organisation and client businesses, and introduced the practical application of behavioural economics to research in a former role heading up an innovations function.

Karen recently left the stability of her full-time job to focus on her passions of speaking, consultancy and writing, while travelling around Asia.

KAREN'S KeyNote:


"Happiness is a Choice"

While we can’t always choose the circumstances we find ourselves in, we always have a choice about how to respond, and by making conscious changes in our lives, we can all be a little bit happier.

Weaving together academic theory on positive psychology, habits and mindfulness, Karen demonstrates why much of our happiness is due to our mindset and the way we choose to see the world around us, why it’s less influenced by our genes than we might think, and how we can consciously choose to make ourselves happier.

Drawing on her own personal - and sometimes tragic - experiences to bring the theories to life, she shows us practical, and sometimes humorous ways to influence our own mindsets and behaviours to get through even the toughest of times.

Karen brings a combination of energy, passion, emotion and fun to help you create positive changes based on happiness theory, how to develop better habits, and how to be more resilient, whatever challenges life throws at you.


Karen has participated in KeyNote's speakers training programme. She very convincingly took the advice from around 10 professional speakers and created her own style. She has a powerful story to share, and connects with the audience because she is not afraid to embrace vulnerability. She gets the audience lean in to listen and truly feel with her in great anticipation of what comes next. If you're looking for a motivational speaker on the topic of happiness, I can highly recommend that you engage Karen.

- Mette Johannson, Founder, MetaMind Training & Chair of KeyNote Women Speakers

“Karen is a wonderfully engaging speaker. She can take complex content and distill it down to the essential points then create a powerful storyline which she presents with energy. She really does connect with her audiences and displays a real passion as well as deep expertise. If I see Karen on the speaker panel it gives me another reason to attend the event. So please do more!!

- Susan Burrell,Global Head of Insight, Standard Chartered Bank

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