Keynote Speaking, Leadership Development, Organizational Culture Change, Professional Facilitation
Core expertise:
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team Building
  • High Performance
  • Organizational Culture Change

Joanna Barclay inspires leaders and dynamic leadership teams how to become an employer of choice. In her talks and book, "Conscious Culture – How to Build a High Performing Workplace through Values, Ethics, and Leadership", Joanna shares her blueprint for cultural and leadership transformation, and an inclusive approach for leaders to achieve strategic success. By deliberately increasing employee engagement, and nurturing the full potential of their people, thereby increasing the top and bottom line.  Joanna recently moved back to Ottawa, Canada, from Singapore where she lived for 5 years, becoming a global keynote speaker, and thought-leader on Conscious Leadership and Cultural Transformation.


Her passions include facilitating Equine Leadership Development , Mindfulness, and Leading with Values,  the inner transformation required to lead outer transformation.


Conscious LeadershipRealizing Human Potential through Values


There are three critical issues preoccupying organizations around the world in the 21st century:


·         How to attract and keep talented people?

·         How to reduce burnout and increase creativity and productivity?

·         How to create values-driven organizations which take care of people, profits, and the planet?

Joanna Barclay inspires new thinking and Conscious Leadership to meet the challenges of cultural transformation in the 21st century.  With Cultural Capital being the next frontier of competitive advantage, the highest performing organizations in the world are taking the lead and investing in their organizational culture.

Audiences love the energy and passion Joanna has for people.  Her work   focuses on how to create a ‘WOW’ workplace culture that increases happiness, energizes employee engagement, and boosts productivity. 


Her specialty is speaking at global conferences, awakening self-awareness and mastery in leadership. Leaders are invited to integrate mind, body and soul, benefiting from greater health, inner peace, and harmonious relationships.  Moving beyond self-interest to act in the interest of the whole, shifting the organization from ‘me’ to ‘we’. To be the best for the world, not just in the world.


Joanna shares her ABC formula for success: Awareness to engage the intellect, Belongingness to engage the heart, and Commitment to engage the whole organization.


“Discover the power within. Leading with values inspires and motivates human potential.”


“The talk on Awakening the Heart of Leadership Potential was truly inspirational. Your knowledge about culture and leadership, inspiring leaders with powerful new ideas is impressive."

- N. Selvam, Senior Director, PSAE, Global Technology Services, EQUINIX 

“FWA had the pleasure of having Joanna address our members on three occasions now … each time her talks have been energizing and engaging. Joanna listens, and the result is an attendee experience that is customized and unique, conveying the message of how to transform a workplace into a healthy, happy, high performing environment.”

Low Chin Loo, Financial Women’s Association, Exco Member and Events Chair

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